Posters help to enhance your brand market visibility for your products and services. We are the premier high quality poster printing in London. Posters are practical marketing channels that are designed to be catchy while informative at the same time. Posters can help you to attract the perfect attention by mixing texts and graphics. These marketing and communication tools can be used to communicate important events and occasions, bestsellers or discounts.

A Poster is the most effective and common tools utilized by many advertisers or company communicating a message to a potential client group cluster. They have also been used to recreate famous artwork.

We have posters in large format that have been used for decorative and promotional objectives. These posters easily cover a blank wall space making it more appealing and captivating. We make use of semi or high gloss HP paper that give a quality look. Our posters are readily available in custom or standard sizes.

We also offer unique mounted posters as one of our poster printing options. These type of posters are perfect point of sale displays for your businesses services and products. We customise these type of posters to meet the needs of our clients. They are excellent for indoor and outdoor advertisement and are fade resistant.

Our posters are in different standard sizes with each size having a specific popular application. These popular applications include school or company circulars, events and functions announcement, promotion of movies and concerts as well as advertisements.

Knowing what size of poster to use for a particular need will help you to get the right print. These are some of the tips you can use when selecting what size to use and where and when to best use it:
– 8.5″ X 11″
Perfect for poster flyers to make announcements or advertisements in places with limited places to post larger posters like an office or school. Ideal for placing on information desks, galleries, bulletin boards as well as street posts.

– 11″ X 17″
These posters are ideal for announcements or advertisement in restricted areas. They are perfect for posting on street posts, phone booths and community boards.

– 18″ X 24″ and 19″ X 27″
Perfect for printing photos of sports icons, celebrities, music bands and artists. They can also be used in shops and medical clinics.

– 24″ x 36″ and 27″ x 39″
Perfect for outdoor advertisement. They can be placed in high traffic areas such as cafes, book shops or theaters. They are designed to grad attention by incorporating large and eye catching texts and graphics.

– 27″ x 40″
A standard poster size for movie and theater posters. They are used to announce upcoming movies or concerts and are common in phone booths, theaters, bus stops and malls.

It is important to use the correct layout and font when designing a poster to enhance the flow of information and reduce text and graphics clattering on the poster. The colour used must be catchy and help to communicate the message in the poster. Avoid using too many colours on the poster and focus on using complementary colours. All the graphics placed on the poster must be in high resolution and avoid placing to much photos or graphics.

We print posters that will enhance your business brand and increase traffic to your company while improving your revenue. We also print customized posters that reflect your unique style and preference. Talk to us today to print for you any poster you need for your business. Our average turn around time for posters delivery is [3] days.